Video Projects:

I shoot video with my Panasonic SDC-HD60S camera.  This camera supports 24p and 60i framespeeds and 1920x1080 resolution video with Dolby 5.1 digital audio.  The video quality I get from this camera is quite good for outdoor and indoor events.

I work on the project as a whole from shooting footage, right up to creating a final DVD package.  I'm looking to invest in a BD-R burner in the future so that the video can remain as highquality as the RAW footage.


I've now done a few video projects and I am looking to finish off some that have been on the books for some time.  I shot Dance Aberdeen 2011 and 2012 and I'm slowly learning things about lighting, running two cameras and camera lenses.  The final product wasn't too bad considering the issues I ran up into.  I've made some decisions on new hardware that I want to invest into and will have to slowly work to that goal.  Also I've learned shooting something to look good is different than shooting something so everyone gets to see themselves on the screen.  

For Data backup I got a Drobo FS.  Supports up to 5 HD and uses its own custom RAID Array.  Definite Prosumer level gear.  I also borrowed my wife's Nikon D3100 picture camera for a second camera angle, and I found that I used the footage from it as primary when I had footage and my Panasonic for wide angle shots where color, focus, and lense details matter less.

I now have the BD-R drive and a few BDR disks.  I'll be using it more for data backup than for movie projects, however I think I'll burn the RAW wedding Data off my HD with a disk.  One less video project to store.